Wayne Cochran had gotten out of the entertainment business and was attending a church in Margate, Florida, called Abundant Living Ministries. During that time he was called out by the Lord, through Pastor Rick Thomas, to go into ministry. Wayne knew he was called to start a church, and the Lord told him to open it in Miami, Florida.

One day, as he was driving, he asked the Lord for a name for the church. The Lord spoke to his heart, telling him to “tell my children how much I love them.” Wayne thought that a person would use their voice to tell people about God’s love, so the church became Voice for Jesus.

Pastor Wayne and Monica Cochran

In September 1981, the first Voice for Jesus service was held in Pastor Wayne and Monica’s living room. 12 people attended. More people came, and they soon outgrew the living room. After about two months they had to move to a larger location.  Services were moved to a Holiday Inn Conference room for about 6 months. The crowd continued to grow and soon it was time to move the church to its own location. They moved to a storefront right off the Palmetto Expressway.

The popularity of the church and the richness of the Word being taught through Pastor Wayne spread throughout the area. Voice for Jesus stayed at that location for about a year and moved in 1983 to a location not far from there, still right off the expressway, where the church continued to grow in numbers.

Pastor Wayne Cochran and Kenneth Copeland

While there, Pastor Wayne was invited by Kenneth Copeland to be a part of the Kenneth Copeland Miami Crusade held at the James L. Knight Center in May 1985. Pastor Wayne was truly honored to be a part of that crusade, which lasted for six exciting days and nights, and the time was a blessing from the Lord.

Voice for Jesus Church was becoming well known in the Miami area, and the church needed a much larger location. In 1985, Pastor Wayne found a location about five minutes away on NW 159th St. The building wasn’t finished yet, and the first walk through was on dirt, no floors. Pastor Wayne was able to completely construct the new church and offices, and it turned out beautifully.

In September 1986, Voice for Jesus moved into the 22,000 square foot building. 100s of people were attending services at Voice for Jesus and some very special people of God came through those doors. We were honored to invite Kenneth Copeland, who opened our first service, Jerry Savelle, Jessie Duplantis, Carmen, Rick Godwin, and many more speakers while at that location.

We had New Year’s Eve banquets, Christmas and Easter plays with live animals, Super Bowl parties, Hallelujah nights for the children, and many more events and community outreaches. It was a great time of fellowship and growing in the Lord and being a Voice for Jesus.

As wonderful as it was at that location, Pastor Wayne’s dream was always to own a church for the congregation and be debt free before he went home to be with the Lord. With that in mind, in 2011 we left the big church and moved our church services to Cobb Theaters in Miami Lakes for four years to save money.

In 2015, Pastor Wayne was advised of a church that was moving in the area, and he and the staff went to look at the space. Guess where it was! A double storefront right off the Palmetto Expressway again, back where he had started out many years ago.

The Lord worked mighty miracles, and we were able to purchase the church and pay it off in the first couple months. HIS DREAM HAD COME TRUE!!! God’s church, VOICE FOR JESUS, was bought and paid for and totally debt free. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Our beloved Pastors went to be with the Lord in 2017 and were able to leave the congregation they loved so much in their very own church to continue on for years and years. Thanks to our founders, we will be able to save souls, change lives, and be a VOICE FOR JESUS FOREVER MORE!!!

Pastor Wayne Cochran