VFJ Today – Give Your Load to Jesus

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Did you know that you were never designed or intended to carry burdens or loads? Jesus gives each of us the invitation to come to Him. In exchange for our burdens and loads, we receive His peace and His strength. Jesus made a profound statement in Matthew 23:37 to a group of people that is still true today. He said, “I could not because you would not.”

We often think of God as not being limited by anything or anyone, but there are things even He cannot do. One of them is that He cannot carry a burden or load that we will not give to Him.

For some, they may feel it is their “responsibility” to carry the load, but it isn’t. We have an invitation from God Himself to cast every burden on Him and in exchange to experience His Love and Peace.

Allow this teaching to be a Blessing to you, and as always remember He Is Faithful!!

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