VFJ Today – Begin Again

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Years ago, a bumper sticker became very popular that simply said, “God allows you turns.” Have you ever needed to change direction in your life due to a bad decision? The truth is, we all have needed a “do-over” in life. This message focuses on David, who had made a very bad choice, and his need to begin again. Maybe today you feel that because of a bad decision there is no hope for recovery and forgiveness. Think about this, David committed adultery and had her husband killed. After all of this, he then asked the Lord to forgive him and restore Joy back into his life. God answered David’s prayer and continued to Bless his life. You see, it’s not the greatness of your failure, but the Greatness of God’s Love for you that decides your outcome. There is hope for you! Be Blessed by this teaching and as always, He Is Faithful!!

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